Potato Granules

Potato Granules

Description: Potato granules can be used for instant mashed potatoes and a variety of snack products. Granules can also be used in place of other starches as a natural thickener for sauces.

Quality: We source the highest quality potato granules from producers around the world. By using the best potatoes and dehydration techniques, we're able to deliver a high quality and consistent product. All of our potato granules are produced from non-GMO potatoes.


  • Instant Mashed Potatoes
  • Chips, Crackers, and Crusts
  • Thickener for Sauces

Packaging: Big bags, 20 lb bags, 40 lb, or 25 kg bags. Palletized, or on slipsheets.

Typical Analysis:
Color: Cream to Light Yellow
Moisture: 8.5% Maximum
Reducing Sugars: 2.8 % Maximum
Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate: 0.25% Maximum
Sodium Bisulfite: None added
Mono & Diglycerides: 0.5% Maximum
Citric Acid: 80 ppm
Screening On U.S. #40: 0.05% Maximum
Screening On U.S. #100: 20.0% Maximum
Shelf Life: 18 Months
Typical Nutritional Analysis:
Component per 100g
Calories: 364
Protein: 8.2 g
Carbohydrates: 81.0 g
Dietary Fiber: 7.8 g
Total Fat: 0.7 g
Trans Fat: 0 g
Vitamin C: 30.7 mg
Calcium: 44.0 mg
Iron: 1.6 mg
Potassium: 1036.0 mg
Sodium: 79.0 mg

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