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Idaho Frank is pleased to partner with Teton Valley Ranch to offer their Spuddies® Potato Bites.

We start with the finest potatoes and create a delicious product with less fat and a better nutritional profile than typical par-fried potato sides. Preparation is simple. Just cook, add your favorite toppings, and serve. New Spuddies® Potato Bites are the only product of their kind, and come to you from the foodservice potato experts. They are sure to spice up any dish and we think your customers will relish this unique change of pace. Available in Red or Russet Potatoes.

Spuddies Attributes

  • All Natural
  • Quick Prep
  • Deep fry or grill ready
  • Cook from frozen or thawed
  • 3 grams protein per serving
  • Not par fried
  • 2-3 grams fiber per serving
  • No Fat, No Trans Fat
  • Low Calories
  • Low sodium
  • No cholesterol
  • Great holding time - up to 2 hours
  • Menu Versatility - sides, skillets, appetizers, breakfast bars,
    soups, replaces fries/tots
  • Higher yield compared to water blanched products - IGF hash browns, refrigerated products, skin on chunks & others

Russet Spuddies
Nutrition Facts

Red Spuddies
Nutrition Facts

Spuddies Fact Sheets

Russet Spuddies Fact Sheet Red Spuddies Fact Sheet

Russet Spuddies Fact Sheet


   Red Spuddies Fact Sheet


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Our target markets are food service as well as retail end-users.

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